Blackberry Bourbon Tonic

By: Fork & Stave

With Summer comes a bounty of fresh fruits that can be used to bring delicious flavors to your cocktails.  One of my favorites fruits to use in mid-to-late Summer is fresh blackberries.  I picked up a bin of them yesterday from a local market in Avondale called Freshfully.  When I’m making a cocktail where muddled fruit is required, I like to mix the main liquid ingredients separately to keep the fruit from being stirred up and making the cocktail hard to drink.  If you don’t mind this, then neglect the separate mixing portion of the recipe in Step 3.

What you’ll need:

– Fresh Blackberries

– Bourbon

– 1 Lime

– Tonic (Jack Rudy or Fevertree are my favorites)

– Agave syrup or honey


Step 1 –

Take a double old fashioned glass or small mason jar and add 4 fresh blackberries and one table spoon of the agave syrup.

Step 2 –

Muddle the blackberry/syrup combo and top it with crushed ice or ice cubes.

Step 3 –

In a separate glass, combine 1.5 oz of bourbon with 2 oz of tonic and the juice from half a lime.  Mix together the liquid and add it slowly on top of the ice in your original glass with the muddled fruit.

Step 4 –

Garnish with a lime wedge or with a lime twist and serve.  Cheers!