Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel BIB Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


By: Steven Rodia

Proof:  100 Proof (50% ABV), Aged 10 Years – Barrel 560, Dumped 4/13/1999

Rating:5 Barrels (5 out of 5)

This was my first experience with the Henry McKenna line of whiskies.  The bottle is beautiful with a very distinctive label as well as a copper “bottled in bond” tag on the neck.  The label tells the story of Henry McKenna, an Irishman with remarkable whiskey making skills, who settled in Kentucky in 1837 and set out to make a better bourbon.  Heaven Hill purchased Henry McKenna from Seagrams in the 90’s.

Tasting Notes: After letting it breathe for 10 minutes, I tasted this whiskey neat.

Nose: Just pouring this bourbon, you get gobs of vanilla wafting from the glass.  There is also sour cherries, oak, caramel, cream soda, orange zest, and cinnamon butter.

First Sip: Your palate is awash with flavors of caramel, cherries, vanilla beans, rye spice, toasted oak, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Mouth Feel: The whiskey is rich and full on the palate.  It has a slightly astringent finish.

Finish: The finish is satisfying and medium length with lingering sweet notes and a warm burn.

Summary: For those that enjoy a sweet bourbon with a exceptional depth of flavor, this is a fantastic whiskey.  If you come across this expression in your local store or watering hole, it is quite a treat and I highly recommend it.   For the standard price of $35, this bourbon is a steal.  Like many have said before, I hope no one else finds out about it!  As the word gets out, I imagine this bourbon will end up something like W.L. Weller 12 year and it will become impossible to find.  This is the kind of rich bourbon I would want to drink everyday.