Widow Jane Rye Whiskey

Widow Jane Rye Whiskey

By: Fork & Stave

Barrel 1, Bottle 17

Proof: 91 Proof (45.5% ABV)

Rating: 4 Barrels (4 out of 5)

Widow Jane’s rye whiskey is aged 2 years and is made from a mash bill of 95% Rye and 5% barley.  The unfiltered whiskey starts it’s life in a Midwest distillery, it’s aged for 2 years, and shipped to New York to be brought to proof and bottled.  The water used to bring this rye whiskey to proof has a very interesting back story.  “Our water that we use for cutting the bourbon & rye to strength and also to make our own whiskies, is from our mine in Rosendale, NY” notes Keir Hamilton at Widow Jane.  The water from this mine is filtered through limestone and is rich in minerals, giving the Widow Jane spirit it’s unique mouth feel.  The stone that was excavated from the Widow Jane mine was used to build the Brooklyn Bridge and the base for the Statue of Liberty.

As of this review, Widow Jane is in the process of growing their own 100% organic non-GMO corn for their in-house distilling operation.

Tasting Notes: After letting it breathe for 10 minutes, I tasted this bourbon neat.

Nose: Right away, I pick up raisin and dried fruit notes along with some of the spice from the rye.  There are also touches of orange and lemon zest as well as fresh pine.

First Sip: Vanilla and oak give way to fresh honey, cinnamon, and spice.

Mouth Feel:  The limestone rich waters of the Widow Jane mine give this whiskey the same velvety mouth feel as the bourbon.  It coats everything.

Finish: I liked the kiss of honey that returns again before the spicy rye and small bit of heat from the alcohol.  The finish leaves the drinker ready for another sip.

Summary: This spirit, like the 7 year Widow Jane bourbon that I reviewed, is a great way for Widow Jane to get their name out in the market.  I enjoyed the rye whiskey neat and on the rocks.  A couple of ice cubes or a splash of water really tames the heat and makes this a very easy to drink rye.  That said, tasting it neat gives you the full flavor experience that makes this rye unique.  I purchased this rye for about $40 from Caskers.  It is a worthy addition to your home bar.  It will be great to see what the nice folks at Cacao Prieto come out with next!

For more information on Widow Jane, follow Keir Hamilton (thebrooklyndistiller) or Widow Jane (Widow_Jane) on Instagram.